Webinar: Mastering Attrition/Retention Analysis

Presented by Patrick Murray, Vice President of i4cp's ExitMetrix
On Demand

Retaining your best employees and minimizing unwanted turnover are core talent management goals. Understanding why top talent stays or leaves, and recognizing factors that can be early indicators of attrition or anchors of retention, is essential.

Many organizations conduct exit interviews - and some conduct stay interviews - in an effort to understand the drivers of attrition and retention. While these are good first steps, few organizations have an approach to attrition/retention analysis that is in-depth and practical.

This webinar is intended for HR and business leaders seeking to up their game in attrition/retention analytics.  Patrick Murray, Vice President of i4cp’s ExitMetrix, will present:

  1. i4cp’s Attrition/Retention Analysis Roadmap
  2. Examples of data-gathering, analysis, and action-planning tools useful in attrition/retention studies and business case development
  3. Case study examples from recent attrition/retention analysis projects.

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