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Webinar: How to Strengthen Your Culture Through Employee Engagement

Presented by Jay Jamrog, SVP of Research, i4cp, and Hank Jonas, Manager of Organizational Effectiveness, Corning
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Engagement at high-performance organizations is not a survey score or a single’s not a series of independent actions. It is the result of the purposeful and patient alignment of culture, strategy, capabilities and performance, and re-thinking the ways in which these connect to execute the business strategy. i4cp’s latest research on engagement in high-performance organizations identified that surveys are not an independent objective, but rather a means to developing a culture that fosters engagement and productivity. Improving engagement involves patience and commitment from senior leaders down through front line employees.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass story is an example of “patient innovation,” applying a glass composition originally developed in the 1960s to the consumer electronics challenges of the 2000s. Learn how the same patience is being applied to developing innovative approaches to employee engagement through incremental steps within Corning’s Talent Management Center of Excellence. Hank Jonas, Ph.D., Manager of Organization Effectiveness and process owner for Corning’s employee opinion survey process, discusses Corning’s journey so far with engagement and where it might be going.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about this latest research, and how you can apply these insights to help develop engagement and culture within your organization!

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