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Webinar: Knowledge Transfer Strategy: Aligning Technical Executives to Reduce Talent Risks

Presented by Steve Trautman, Founder and Principal, The Steve Trautman Co.
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When executives navigate changes like growth, right-sizing, offshoring, new-system implementation, reorganizations, and big project lifecycles, there are bound to be a few technical experts who know what’s going on trying to help everybody else come up to speed. When these experts transfer their knowledge effectively, they shorten the time the organization spends in transition, ensure less rework, help employee engagement and retention and, most importantly, keep customers happy.

The trouble is that in most transitions, the experts don’t have enough guidance from the top. What if we gave the experts tools and a methodical process for transferring knowledge? What if we helped them prioritize this role relative to all of the other work on their plates? Organizations survive these change without this kind of support - it just takes longer, costs more and leaves the workforce at risk.

Knowledge transfer pioneer Steve Trautman helps executives ensure they are aligned with each other and communicating clear expectations to set the stage for smooth transitions. During this on-demand webinar, Steve offers:

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