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Why Talent Mobility Matters

Presented by Kevin Martin, Chief Research & Marketing Officer, and
Kevin Wilde, Former Chief Learning Officer, General Mills

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In the competitive global marketplace, providing high-value employees with latitude to take on new roles is a strategy high-performance organizations use to attract and retain top talent. But building a culture of mobility—one in which managers are invested in both developing their best people and offering them opportunities for new assignments—requires a mindset that prioritizes mobility as a talent development strategy and bases the performance reviews and incentives of leaders on how well they develop the next generation of talent. 

This transformation can be challenging, but the payoff is clear: the Institute for Corporate Productivity's (i4cp) talent mobility study of more than 650 global organizations found that prioritizing talent mobility directly correlates to market performance. Unfortunately, half of these companies report that talent hoarding by managers is the leading obstacle to creating mobile workforces.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

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