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Webinar: Human Capital Practices that Drive Innovation

Presented by Tony DiRomualdo, VP of Research, i4cp, Cliff Stevenson, Senior Researcher, i4cp, and Catherine Blades, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Flextronics
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How do you make your company more innovative? New research has found that having the right workforce practices in place will drive innovation - but companies often overlook the people side of innovation. Unsurprisingly, less than a third (28%) of companies believe they are effective at managing innovation.

In this webinar, Tony DiRomualdo, VP of Research at i4cp, and Cliff Stevenson, Senior Researcher at i4cp, uncover the top 10 human capital practices that high-performing organizations use to increase innovation. You'll also get to hear from Catherine Blades, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Flextronics, as she shares some of her secrets to stirring up innovation in the workplace.

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